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Thank you for visiting the official Black ‘N Famous website!  Please join us as we look to the future to develop our vision.  Black ‘N Famous aims to provide a much-needed, valuable service to the music industry.  Created by a former major-label artist, our CEO looked at a need in the industry for talented young artists to gain real exposure, and subsequently created an agency where artists could utilize their talent to elevate their visibility, develop their craft, and make real royalties!  Our goal is to take talented, undeveloped artists and help them get to the next level by collaborating on high-quality recordings for major placement.  But what does this really mean?


First things first, we don’t sign ANYONE.  We don’t like long recording contracts (slave contracts), and we want you to retain the freedom to work with us in the future or continue in whatever direction you choose.  Each project will be a single song, and each single will have a contract simply entitling you to royalties.  We write the music, you perform it.  We pay to promote, market, and license the Master Recording, and as the artist we will promise you a larger percentage of royalties than a major label.  What do you have to lose?


Has anyone ever told you that you’re good enough to be famous?  You can submit your music through our website, and our executives will listen to each submission individually and evaluate it for raw talent.  Above all we are looking for uniqueness and potential.  Our vision is to create a vast network of artists and producers, creating a pool for our A&R’s to choose from when creating a new Master Recording.  Each person works on a contractual basis, similar to contracting firms in other major industries.  It works like this; if we like you, we add you to our network.  When we find another song that we feel you are a fit for, we contact you again and provide you with another offer for that single.  At that point, you can choose whether or not to work with us on another project.  If so, you have the potential to add another Black ‘N Famous song to your repertoire and gain more royalty earnings while we take the financial risk.  If not, no hard feelings, and we will contact you in the future if we would like to have you on another song.


Black ‘N Famous aims to become a full-service agency for new artists, and although we do not manage or book artists, we will redirect all requests for shows, collaborations, or other inquiries directly to them without a service fee.  Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform for collaboration, licensing, radio airplay, and touring services.  We want to take artists and producers, elevate them to the next level, gain them visibility and royalty payments, and then provide the option to continuously make money recording with our company.


Black ‘N Famous, Music Contracting Made Easy!

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