Musician, Author, Actor, Entrepreneur

Mic Shannon, is an American Musician, Author, Actor, Record Executive, Entrepreneur, and Marine Veteran.  As a multi-hyphenate individual, he has been making creative content since childhood.

As a musician… Mic Shannon has professionally released four mixtapes and three studio albums.  In 2014, he signed a recording contract with Grammy Gang Records/Island Def Jam, releasing two projects with the company before embarking on a journey to establish his own creative publishing house, Black ‘N Famous Ent.  Currently, he is working on establishing the Music Industry’s first and only Music Contracting Agency, looking to provide a platform for artists to make money independently and establish their own entrepreneurship.  [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE]

As a writer… Mic Shannon is the author of Humankind, the first in a Sci-Fi trilogy of introspective novels on unity and morality within humanity.  A precursory novel was first written when Mic was only ten years old, but never published.  Then, in less than a year, he wrote the entire manuscript for Humankind from scratch and used his own publishing company to release the project. [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE]

As an actor… he has been filmed on the set of the “Call Me” television show.  Although the show was never officially released, the professional experience was incredible.  The director praised him for his acting ability, citing that he and his casting partner had the best footage of the show.  The cast was also required to take acting classes as a condition of employment.  [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE]

As an entrepreneur… Mic Shannon is the Chief Executive Officer of Black ‘N Famous Ent., LLC, a creative publishing house dedicated to establishing ground in the entertainment industry by bringing independent projects to the forefront of mainstream acclaim.  He has been in business since 2014, publishing music, books, and looking toward the film industry.  [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE]

Looking to the future, Mic Shannon plans to establish and expand his Music Contracting Agency, engaging listeners and artists with phone applications, recording studio rentals, and educational courses.  With his sights set to a full-service center for the agency, within five years he plans to own two more corporations, one for-profit and one non-profit, to support growth.  For his publishing company, the young multi-hyphenate plans to continue publishing the second and third novels in his “Humankind” series, and then move forward with adapting it to film, intending to act in the film as well as arrange and compose the soundtrack.

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