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Humankind is a Sci-Fi/Multi-Genre novel that follows two young teenagers in the wake of a strange event that tests humanity’s ability to unite or be destroyed.  Black ‘N Famous is proud to be publishing this project, the first of a trilogy, written by Mic Shannon and available March 1st.  Thank you for your continued support as we strive to bring as much of our artists’ creativity to the world by utilizing all of their various talents!


“Set in the year 2034, ‘Humankind’ is an extension of today’s world. More greed and hatred, less food and water, more separation and less human contact. And then, everything changed…

Now, humanity is being threatened by a new terror, and the only way to overcome it is for people to unite. But in a world where everyone is out for their own interests, will they be able to save themselves from destruction? Maybe, with the help of a couple of High School kids, a CIA Agent, a Navy SEAL, and the first Black Female President; all with vastly different views after their world has been completely overturned. How will the world react as they struggle with issues of morality, truth, honor, and virtue?”

CLICK HERE to view a .PDF sample of the first twelve pages!

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