“I am the blossoming flower that arose from the cement. I am everything that they haven’t figured out that they need yet. I bring with me the cries of a thousand eyes, the cheers of a thousand peers, and resonate with a voice that dares to be heard. My first steps came from running, my first thought was how can I mark my name on the canvas of history? Change the world. One ultimate goal, one universal truth, and the one true purpose of this life. I come as a symbol of hope, wearing a crown of change, ready to claim victory against whoever stands in my path; for they fear what I will become. As I barrel down the path to success, fueled only by a hustle and a prayer, the only question is when I grab the microphone and that beat drops…what kind of sermon do I want to give?” -Mic

He sounds like…

Mic Shannon has been compared to many artists. LL Cool J (Hood to Hood Judges Charles “Ten” Gibbs, Jerry Barrow, Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia, Datwon Thomas, and Tony Martinez), Kanye West (Wise McGriff and B-Way), and even Lupe Fiasco (Ruffhouse Records). His style varies from song to song; nothing is too similar. He has songs that range from deep lyrical content, to party anthems, to real life relatable experiences!

Why Make Music in the First Place?

“First things first, why do I even do this? I started pursuing music because I needed a way to release all the stress in my life. Born in Yeadon, PA outside of Southwest Philadelphia, and growing up in Lower Bucks County, I’ve always been influenced by Philly hip hop. Having family in North and West Philly, but living in Bucks County, I’ve experienced a lot of things that some people aren’t used to and used experiences on both sides to decide who I wanted to be and what type of message I want to send. During my childhood, I dealt with some family issues, which at times caused deep depression and pain. During school I would act out, and outside of school I started to hang out with other kids like myself, but music was always my way of doing something constructive and staying out of trouble. In high school, I released a mixtape which gained me some local popularity as a music artist. After high school, I continued to get into trouble, had a few run-ins with the law, and decided to escape the cycle by joining the military. During my time in the Marine Corps, I served overseas on a yearlong tour in Iraq. After my enlistment, I was ready to share my experiences with the world! But, as a reminder of my past (both in the military and out), I still face depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Music is the only thing that helps me release my stress, and creating art is the only thing that makes me happy. I choose to inspire others with my music by speaking about how I overcome my struggles; creating albums such as “HisStory”, which highlights my past, and “Therapy”, which sums up how I see music; as a tool for myself and others. The beauty of creating music is being able to capture your emotion, construct the right musical sound, and combine it with lyrics that your listeners can relate to. My motive for creating music is different than the normal cliché of fame and fortune, I strive to create quality art that can inspire others or help them get through this thing called life to which we are all trying to find the meaning. Listen to the music, love what you hear, and help me share my story with the world!” -Mic


• 2011: Official release of “Back Against the Wall” Mixtape
• 2012: Official release of “Mick Fury: The Mixtape”
• 2012: Contest for Def Jam Records A&R Wise McGriff and Universal A&R B-Way. Chosen by Wise McGriff and B-Way as best performing act.
• 2012: Single deal with Cradle Records/Sony
• 2012: Opening act for D-Block, Gillie da Kid, and E. Ness at Club 1800 in North Philadelphia
• 2013: Official Island Def Jam Distribution with Grammy Gang
• 2013: Official release of “HisStory” the debut album
• 2013: Chosen as a finalist for Hood to Hood Reality TV Show
• 2013: Black ‘N Famous Tour
• 2013: “Rock Wit’ Me (Shot 4 Shot)” holds the #1 spot for four weeks on IBFU Radio Charts
• 2014: Official release of “Therapy” sophomore album
• 2014: “LevelHead” peaks at #2 on Coast 2 Coast Independent Hip Hop charts
• 2014: Live performance at DJ Prince’s 3rd Annual Underground Summer Jam at “The Atrium” in Atlanta
• 2015: Live performance at the first annual GoodLife Summer Jam
• 2015: Official release of “A Hustle and A Prayer” mixtape
• 2016: Official release of “Mic Check Vol. 1” by Two Mics
• 2016: Official release of “LevelHead Remix” featuring Maino
• 2016: Philadelphia showcase performance judged by AR-Ab – 2nd place
• 2017: Official release of “She Knows It” single
• 2018: Official release of “YOU (Beauty Part 2)” single
• 2018: A Levy Reparations Tour
• 2018: Official release of “YOU! (Beauty Part 2)” music video
• 2018: Official release of “WYM (Work Ya Magic)” single
• 2018: Official release of “Toast! (Order Another Bottle)” single
• 2018: Headline at Milkboy Chestnut
• 2018: Official release of “9000 (Machine Part 2)” single
• 2018: Official release of “You See It” single
• 2018: Official release of “‘N Tune” music video
• 2018: Official release of “For The Come Up (ft. Mic Lucas)” single